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Analyze your business’ effectiveness

Business Effectiveness Evaluation

Complete this formal analysis of ten key business areas to identify your strengths, as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. Your comprehensive results will include graphs, charts, and detailed analysis and interpretation, providing a roadmap for growth and improvement. Call us at 607-759-0909 to schedule a free consultation and have us review your results together.



FINTEL—Financial Intelligence & Benchmarking

FINTEL offers data services and business-intelligence solutions to help you make informed business decisions. You’ll be provided with the largest and most reliable financial-benchmarking database of privately held companies, supplying you with expert advice that will help you become more successful. This service provides you with information not otherwise readily accessible, helping you see how you stack up against similar companies in your industry and what you can do to improve your relation to those benchmarks. With a snapshot of how you stack up against your competition, you’ll be able to make better-founded decisions as you work toward achieving your business’ goals.

DISC Behavior Style Training and Analysis

DISC is a suite of online assessment tools that provide you with information to optimize an individual’s performance. With DISC, you’ll learn to eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted resources, and costly problems.
You can choose from a self-assessment questionnaire, which identifies individual strengths and development areas for you or your employees, as well as other popular online assessments and profiles, including:

• Recruiting and Selection
• Leadership Development
• Organizational Development
• Sales and Sales Management Training
• Customer Service Training
• Team Development
• Coaching
• DISC Personality Styles Training
• Cross-Cultural Communication
• Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training
• Talent Management

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