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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between business coaching and consulting?

Business coaching is a relatively new profession that helps you identify your most important goals and keeps you focused and on track to achieve them. A business coach helps the business owner identify opportunities, develop strategies, and implement plans to help the business grow, maximize its value, and restore a sense of control over the business owner’s life. The owner and employees implement the strategies, increasing their individual skills and knowledge.

A consultant generally addresses a specific problem and implements corrective action for you—not necessarily with you—so little (if any) knowledge or learning is transferred to the business.


Why should I hire a business coach?

Business owners are typically very skilled at their craft or trade and have grown their business into a successful enterprise, but they are looking to expand their success and fulfill their unmet potential. Or sometimes, the business owner feels like their business owns them—they are working harder than ever, yet they fall further and further behind.

A business coach helps the business owner refocus their ultimate goals, assists in developing weekly achievable action plans, provides additional outside resources, assesses progress, and helps the business owner overcome obstacles to achieving their ultimate goals.

How will I know which services are right for my business?

Call us today and schedule your free initial two-hour session. With this session, you’ll experience the process and come away with specific action steps to begin your journey. You’ll also learn firsthand whether or not this is the kind of program you’ll benefit from. If you decide it’s not for you after this session, no hard feelings! We’ll wish you the best and part ways. On the other hand, if you decide this is a great investment in yourself and your company, we’ll finalize the details and get started together.


How long can I try out your services before I need to commit?

If after your first 30 days of coaching you decide this isn’t the program for you, you can cancel immediately and receive a full refund. This program is incredibly powerful, but it does require a commitment on your end too. If you bite off more than you can chew, continuing won’t be beneficial for either of us.

Furthermore, if you didn’t find value in our services, we don’t want your money! We have limited time for a limited number of clients—and we only succeed when our clients do.